Capture engagement in real time to maximize your inventory and revenue

Tailored for OTT, CTV, and FAST channels, capturing cross-platform engagement, seamlessly integrating with PMPs and PGs to elevate your advertising

Data analytics dashboard with bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and a detailed data table showing key metrics and trends.

A billion data points for precision

Nucleus transforms over a billion monthly user interactions into actionable insights, optimizing ad placements and maximizing revenue for publishers and advertisers


Enhance ad inventory value and viewer experience with our real-time engagement analytics

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Achieve precision targeting and improved performance in PMP and PG campaigns, ensuring your ads make an impact

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Capture engagement in real-time and cross-platform


Real-time engagement

Dive into the Heartbeat of your audience’s engagement. Our real-time analytics capture the heartbeat (engagement score) of viewer interactions, ensuring you’re always in tune with your audience

Circular engagement score chart with surrounding bubbles depicting user images, illustrating varying levels of user engagement
Three-lined chart showing trends with red and green numbers indicating performance increases or decreases over time

Historical perspective

Gain a historical perspective on engagement patterns with History. Understand long-term trends and make data-driven decisions to optimize future campaigns


Cross-platform insights

Spectrum gives you the full understanding of your audiences. Our cross-platform capabilities ensure you reach your audience wherever they are, on any device

Chart with X-axis labeled 'Engagement' and Y-axis 'Impressions,' featuring bubbles with persona faces, sized to represent audience group sizes

Streamline your ad strategy

Elevate your bidstream

Elevate your bidstream with Stream sharing the real-time Heartbeat (engagement score), turning every impression into a valuable touchpoint

Ready for pre-bid

Achieve seamless alignment between your ads and content with Sync, enhancing viewer experience with our direct integration for Pre-Bid Systems and ad servers

Ensure peak engagement

Unlock the full potential of your premium ad placements with Peak, ensuring peak engagement in every PMP and PG campaign

Take control with Panel

Visualize your campaign’s performance pre and post-launch, make real-time adjustments, and ensure every ad placement is optimized for success. Preview the possibilities and see how Nucleus can transform your advertising strategy

Real-time reporting & analytics

Instantaneously track user engagement and ad performance, capturing every nuance of viewer interaction

Cross-platform performance

Gain a holistic view of performance across diverse platforms and devices, ensuring no engagement opportunity is missed

Historical campaign insights

Peel back layers of past campaigns, analyzing patterns and performance to sharpen your future strategies

Granular engagement insights

Delve into granular insights of every campaign and brand interaction, understanding which elements resonate most with your audience

Maximize audience engagement

Optimize your ads and content with our precise audience segmentation, boosting cross-category selling and unlocking new revenue opportunities for advertisers

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Safeguard user privacy and ensure compliance

At Nucleus, we uphold the highest standards of user privacy, ensuring that your audience's data is protected, and your platform remains trustworthy and compliant




Full compliance

Navigate the complexities of user consent seamlessly with Consent. Our integrated tools simplify the management and recording of user consent, ensuring full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory requirements

Protect your users

Secure user trust with Shield, our advanced encryption feature ensuring all engagement data remains confidential and protected

Guarantee user anonymity

With Anonymize you process user data meticulously, ensuring individuals cannot be personally identified while still providing valuable insights