Targetable attention for advertisers and FAST/CTV/OTT

Increase revenue by letting advertisers target the most important metrics programmatically and in real time

Dashboard screenshot displaying various analytics metrics such as engagement score, total sessions, and page insights; includes nike, coca-cola, and heineken ad thumbnails.

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We introduce a  common currency around content engagement and ad impact, unifying how publishers and advertisers quantify user value for better performance and reporting

ad impact score
engagement score


Streamline your data strategy on what matters

Collect and combine data and make it focused on attention and engagement

Target in real time

Ensure that your campaigns only reach your desired target audience where and when they pay attention

Strengthen collaboration with your partners

Connect with your partners directly, or through your desired platform, and support them with pre- and post campaign reporting tools




Let advertisers target engagement and attention programmatically, and in real time


Pre-campaign forecasting

Enable your direct advertising partners to forecast inventory


Audience platform

Get a granular overview of how your business performs across ads and content in real time


Privacy compliance

Prioritize aggregated, anonymized metrics over detailed personal data, safeguarding user privacy while delivering effective advertising experiences

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Machine learning tailored to your platform


Enhance ad inventory value and viewer experience with our real-time engagement analytics

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Achieve precision targeting and improved performance in PMP and PG campaigns, ensuring your ads make an impact

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