Real-time engagement engine for content and ads

Nucleus Audience AI clusters up to 2,000 micro-audiences based on their real-time engagement, allowing content platforms to measure, engage, and increase the value of their audiences.

Unlock your engagement


Boost engagement

Segment your viewers by their value and risk of leaving to guide your content strategy, and keep your viewers hooked.

Smart conversion

Enable targeted AVOD and SVOD to maximize conversions with the Nucleus’ AI driven subscription module.

Amplify ad sales

Let your advertisers know how engaged your viewers are on a content specific level for higher paid advertisements.

What we do

If you treat your users as one large group, you will likely lose them. Nucleus breaks down your users based on their complex engagement patterns and groups them into up to 2,000 micro-audiences.


Understand each audience’s unique health condition and how the audience interacts with your platform. Get to know how important they are to your streaming platform.

Audience value

Understand how valuable each audience is to your platform, so you can prioritize audiences with the most value to your business.

Audience risk

Understand how likely each audience is to leave or unsubscribe from your streaming platform, so you can work on catching them before they do.

Audience content performance

Understand when content performs best with each micro-audience, so you know what you should add, keep, or remove.

Audience opportunities

Understand how each audience subscribes, so you know how and when to upsell subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nucleus AI's primary function?

Nucleus AI is designed to enhance the advertising experience. It measures real-time user engagement, segments user into micro-audiences based on engagement and interests, and shares this data in real time.

How does the real-time engagement score work?

Our system constantly analyzes user interaction and provides a quantifiable score, allowing advertisers to determine the optimal moment to target users for maximized engagement.

What are 'micro-audiences'?

Micro-audiences are specific segments of users grouped by similar engagement patterns and interests. This granular segmentation allows for more personalized and relevant advertising.

How does Nucleus AI ensure user privacy?

We prioritize user privacy. While we segment users based on their behavior and interests, we never share personal identifiers or sensitive information, and always make sure the streaming platform has consent to collect data.

Can Nucleus AI integrate with my current advertising tools?

Absolutely! Nucleus AI is built to fit seamlessly into the current advertising ecosystem. Our platform complements and enhances existing tools by providing real-time insights and advanced targeting capabilities.

How does real-time data sharing improve my ad campaigns?

Real-time data ensures you're always working with the latest insights. This immediacy allows for quick adjustments, ensuring campaigns remain relevant and effective.

What advantages does 'engaged-targeting' offer?

Engaged-targeting lets advertisers present their ads precisely when users are most engaged, leading to reduced ad waste and improved ROI.

How can 'hyper-targeting' benefit my brand?

Hyper-targeting allows advertisers brands to direct their campaigns to specific micro-audiences based on their engagement and interests. This level of precision leads to more resonant ads resonating with their audiences and improved audience satisfaction.

Do I need specialized infrastructure to use Nucleus AI?

Nucleus delivers advanced infrastructure for your data, making sure the data collection and analysis is done. We make sure you and advertisers always have access to the latest insights.

How can I get started with Nucleus AI?

Contact our sales team to discuss your needs and how Nucleus AI can be tailored to your specific requirements.