We see a future where real-time engagement data revolutionizes digital advertising, benefiting publishers, enhancing advertiser targeting, and prioritizing user privacy for a more efficient and ethical digital world.


At Nucleus, we're transforming the digital realm by tackling real-time engagement across OTT, CTV, and FAST channels. We provide advertisers with precise insights for targeted campaigns and offer publishers innovative tools to increase engagement, optimize conversions, and boost revenue.


Established in Copenhagen in 2019, we leverage our expertise from Magnite and Pubmatic in global adtech, e-commerce, and software platforms. We have one goal: to revolutionize publisher analytics with data-driven attention and engagement. From Copenhagen to Singapore, Dubai to New York City, our global presence reflects our commitment to empowering publishers worldwide in the digital age. Nucleus is currently rewriting the future of publishing, with a dedication to innovation and excellence that knows no bounds. Join us in this revolution, where exponential growth meets limitless possibilities.