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Maximize your ad performance with precision engagement scoring

Leverage real-time insights to drive unparalleled ad relevance and effectiveness, tailored for OTT and CTV

Mastering the engagement pulse


Real-time precision

Instant insights, maximum impact

Experience real-time accuracy with every user interaction, ensuring your decisions are always data-driven and immediate

Various cards, each displaying metrics and line charts in green and red to indicate increases and decreases in data values
Circular pattern featuring a variety of icons representing different devices, symbolizing cross-platform consistency

Cross-platform consistency

Seamless engagement across devices

Capture consistent engagement metrics whether your audience is on mobile, desktop, or connected TV


Dynamic scoring

Tailored insights for every audience

Adjust your targeting in real-time based on content, region, time of day, and device, ensuring you’re always in sync with your audience

Chart with X-axis labeled 'Engagement' and Y-axis 'Impressions,' featuring bubbles with persona faces, sized to represent audience group sizes
Line chart with three distinct lines, surrounded by icons symbolizing user interactions like impressions, likes, and engagement

Full picture visibility

Understand engagement & ad performance

See how engagement translates to ad success, with clear insights on how audience interactions correlate with campaign results


Ease of targeting

Simplified, effective targeting

Define your desired engagement level and let our platform handle the rest, ensuring a straightforward path to campaign success

Three persona cards each displaying a picture of the audience group, its name, group size, and engagement score

Creative ways to use engagement scores

Engagement hotspots

Unlock the power of real-time engagement analytics to identify peak viewing periods and content types

Binge-watcher's special

Engage with audiences on marathon viewing sessions by tailoring your ads to their extended experience

Attention targeting

Utilize moments of peak engagement to gather insights on viewer preferences and retarget these users with personalized ads

Ad sequencing

Create a narrative with your ad placements, starting with a teaser and unfolding the story as viewer engagement rises

Regional engagement trends

Tap into regional engagement patterns to serve localized ads that resonate

Device-specific strategies

Analyze engagement scores across devices and optimize your ads for the platforms where your audience is most active

Resources & Support


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