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Android Integration

Include JAR in your project and set up SDK
  1. Download and install the JAR file in your project
  2. Navigate to your Application class and invoke the Nucleus SDK inside the onCreate method

  3. Inside your activity class/classes where the user session is triggered, include:

    a) a private variable to hold the NucleusSDK
    b) assign the private variable a value
    c) initialize the SDK itself

    See example below

    (1) private var nucleusSdk: NucleusSdk? = null
    (2) private fun initNucleus() {
           val nucleusSdk = NucleusSdkInitializer.getSdk() ?: {
              Log.e(TAG, "Nucleus is not initialized!")
              // or your logics
        this.nucleusSdk = nucleusSdk

    (3) override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle{ 
            setContentView(R.layout.activity_main)// or your implementation


           // execute the following if you plan to use SDK in current screen

Configure and use SDK
  1. Before you can use the SDK you have the option to configure it. This can be done inside the scope of the initNucleus method created earlier

    See example below

            locationMode = LocationMode.Explicit, // or your variable
            adIdMode = AdIdMode.Used, // or your variable
            customUserId = "custom user ID", // or your variable
            publicKey = "your key", // or your variable
  2. In your activity class/classes you should create a private variable for the current pageSessionId (1), include an implementation of session start (2), session stop (3), and call the appropriate methods in the nucleusSDK (4)

    See example below

    (1) private var pageSessionId: PageSessionId? = null

    (2) override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

            // initializing and your logics here

    (3) // ending session in onDestroy directly
        override fun onDestroy() {
            pageSessionId?.let { nucleusSdk?.endPageSession(it) }

    (4) // starting session and call NucleusSDK
        private fun startSession() {
            pageSessionId = nucleusSdk.beginPageSession(
                "pageId", // page identifier here
                "referrerId" // or null

  3. You can optionally pass one or more content values that will be included in the NucleusSDK. For this, you need to include a setContentInforForNucleus method (1) inside the onCreate method in the activity class/classes. Create a private method to set the content information (2)

    See example below

    (1) override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

            // after initializing

    (2) private fun setContentInfoForNucleus() {
            // in this example set as default values but you
            // can initialize in a way suitable for your needs
            nucleusSdk.contentInfo = ContentInfo(
                author = null,
                cast = null,
                category = null,
                channelName = null,
                crew = null,
                description = null,
                duration = null,
                genre = null,
                id = null,
                publishedYear = null,
                ratings = null,
                seriesEpisode = null,
                seriesName = null,
                title = null,
                type = null